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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

The trailer for X-Men Origins looked superb and I was really looking forward for the release of the film. I have never read any of the comics nor have I watched the animated series. However, I was a big fan of the films. Before I left to see Wolverine in action I decided to browse through a few reviews. Oh boy was I shocked, it seemed as if the reviews didn’t have what I had in mind. These reviews didn’t change anything though; I left and headed to the theater. I paid the low matinee price of $7.65 (it’s funny to think $7.65 is a low price) got some popcorn and entered the theater.


The film starts in the 1850s with a young James Logan sick in bed and with a young Victor Creed by his side. After a double murder the two boys run from their house and vow to always be by each other’s side. Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber’s are then both introduced (as the older Logan and Victor) fighting various American Wars.  They start in the Civil War and don’t stop until the Vietnam War.

It is obvious now that these two men are abnormal and they catch the eye of William Stryker, played by Danny Huston.   Stryker is in search for a precious metal and his team of mutant superheroes is going to be the ones who retrieve it.  One thing leads to another and Logan quits the team. He moves to the Canadian Rockies where he lives a normal life for six years.  One day Stryker returns and asked for his help. After a few more events Logan finally agrees and undergoes an operation to make him into “Wolverine”.

Throughout the film I found myself questioning a few scenes. James Logan was bedridden in the first scene due to the severity of his illness. However, he is able to run from his home in the middle of the night with just his pajamas on? I also found the quality of the CGI in the film to be somewhat poor. I could not pinpoint it but there was something about Wolverine’s metal claws that just looked bad. You would think after three movies they would get it right. Jackman gave his normal yet great performance as Wolverine.  I found myself looking at his body at some points rather than his performance. You could tell he hit the gym and I would love to see him vs. Robert Downy Jr. from Iron Man.  Schreiber was an incredible Sabertooth and both characters worked very well together.



From Left to Right. Deadpool (Reynolds), Gambit (Kitsch), Wolverine (Jackman), Sabertooth (Schreiber), and Kayla Silverfox (Collins)

The other members of Stryker’s team were given almost no back story which makes me believe Marval may be interested in more “Origin” films.    If this is true they should call up both Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Taylor Kitsch (Gambit), both who portrayed their characters very well.


Though the film had a few scenes that were dull and others that didn’t make sense it was still a good and entertaining movie.  I would recommend seeing it unless you are a comic junkie, in which case you may find the film a little less appealing.  The story works well with explaining Logan’s past and it t answers any questions you may have had from the previous X-Men films.


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